Machine (EP)

by Salty Greyhound

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Athbah Catchy, melodic, and wonderfully layered. It's almost impossible not to sing along to Machine. The song is so upbeat and its rhythms make you want to dance -even if you cant. Favorite track: Machine.
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released July 16, 2014

Cover art: Kara Korab



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Salty Greyhound Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Machine
Well look at my hands they're so tired and lazy
One look at my face, and you might think I'm crazy!
The sun didn't shine, cause I was working inside
Of this factory square, I swear, I'd never lie

I'm a machine

Working around these old cinnamon grounds
I'm wired and tired but I've got nothin' to say
Finally someone will see me inside
And help me to get high, high, high

I'm a machine
Track Name: Offensive to Cats??
Well you say damnation calls you from below
Holds you by the back, says "whats the problem?"
(Photosynthesize you and you're welcome
photosynthesize you and your problems)

Run around the room until you're dizzy
Make a scene until you feel the hazy
(Welcome wagon go "ain't that amazing"
welcome wagon go) and you start laughing

h ah aha ha ha ha hahahahahahaa

1963 they said it then
Can't run from me now, can't run from them
(We'll have a real hokey tokey time, adrenaline
We'll have a real hokey tokey time and a friend)

Follow us to the party tonight
bury me, bury me right
(But I"m lost in my fingernails
Yeah I'm lost in my fingernails), and so I'm laughing

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ha l ga. ha. ha.